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Vasectomy Specialist in Santa Ana, California

At OC Urology, we understand that considering a vasectomy is a significant decision for any individual or couple. That’s why our dedicated team of highly skilled urologists are committed to offering personalized care and ensuring a comfortable and supportive environment throughout the entire process. We believe that open communication and patient education are crucial in addressing concerns and providing peace of mind to our valued patients. Call our urology clinic in Orange County to schedule an appointment today!

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What Is a Vasectomy?

A vasectomy is a type of male birth control that blocks sperm from mixing with semen. This is done by cutting and sealing the tubes that carry sperm. It’s a safe procedure with low risk, and it’s usually done in a clinic with local anesthesia.

Male Reproductive System

To understand a vasectomy, it is helpful to understand the male reproductive system and how it functions. The testicles, or testes, are the sperm- and testosterone-producing organs. They are located in a sac at the base of the penis called the scrotum. Each testicle is connected to a small, coiled tube called the epididymis, where sperm are stored for as long as 6 weeks while they mature. Each epididymis is connected to the prostate gland by a tube called the vas deferens. The vas deferens is part of a larger bundle of tissue, blood vessels, nerves, and lymphatic channels called the spermatic cord. During ejaculation, seminal fluid produced by the prostate gland mixes with sperm from the testes to form semen, which is ejaculated from the penis.

No Needle No Scalpel Vasectomy Procedure

One of our highly experienced urologists will perform a vasectomy on an outpatient basis in the office. The procedure takes about 10 minutes. The patient typically remains clothed from the waist up and lies on his back. The scrotum is numbed with local anesthetic.  In our office, this is administered with the “No Needle Technique.”   The vas deferens is gathered under the skin of the scrotum, and a small opening (usually 1 centimeter or less) is made. A surgical clamp is used to hold the vas deferens while a puncture incision (instead of a cut) is made with special forceps. The forceps are opened to stretch the skin, making a small hole through which the vas deferens is lifted out, cut, sutured or cauterized, and put back in place.  The puncture incision does not require suturing.

What Can A Patient Expect After A Vasectomy?

After a vasectomy, you may experience bruising, swelling, and discomfort. Don’t worry, as these symptoms usually improve within a few days. Your doctor will provide you with recovery instructions to help you through this period.

Benefits of a No-Scalpel Vasectomy

Any type of vasectomy presents a number of advantages to each potential patient. Men who are looking to avoid future children in a way that is safe, effective, and affordable are often considered primary candidates for this kind of procedure.

Aside from the regular benefits of a vasectomy, the no-scalpel procedure also allows for:

  • Shorter recovery time
  • Reduced risk of complications such as infection or bleeding
  • The ability to resume sexual activities much sooner
  • No scarring
  • The ability to perform the procedure from one of our convenient urology clinic locations

Patients should expect a mild amount of discomfort following their no-scalpel vasectomy. This pain should begin to gradually decrease almost immediately, though a majority of our patients report feeling little to no pain at all.

We recommend that patients rest for at least one or two days post-procedure. Shortly after this period you should be able to return to regular activities. If you are unsure about whether or not it is safe to engage in any routine task, please consult with Dr. Greenberger.

When Can A Man Have Sex After A Vasectomy?

We highly recommend a 48-hour rest period, but it’s essential to listen to your body and choose what feels comfortable for you. It’s important to note that the vasectomy procedure boasts a success rate of around 99.8 percent. However, remember that you are still capable of fathering children after the vasectomy.

Minimally invasive Vasectomy with Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Having a vasectomy can be stressful. To help relieve your stress, our urology clinic in Santa Ana is pleased to offer patients Nitrous Oxide for sedation using the NitroNox Plus system. Unlike the more common Pro-Nox™ system, NitroNox Plus can deliver a range of Nitrous Oxide concentration to personalize the degree of sedation desired.  The outcomes and acceptance are greatly improved by the simple introduction of this widely used and proven anesthetic.

You may already be familiar with nitrous oxide, or “laughing gas,” from your dentist’s office, as it is commonly used for fillings and other types of dental work in patients of all ages. Nitrous oxide is one of the safest forms of sedation available today. The gas takes effect almost instantly and wears off within minutes following treatment.

Nitrous oxide is a non-allergenic, non-irritating gas that affects the central nervous system. It’s one of the safest forms of sedation available and patients who have used it report very few, if any, side effects. The effects of nitrous oxide start to take effect within minutes. Following treatment the effects of this gas are completely reversed within minutes, simply by breathing normally.

If you are worried about pain or tension during your vasectomy, OC Urology can put your concerns to rest and discuss nitrous oxide in more detail with you. OC Urology was one of the first in California to use the No Needle No Scalpel vasectomy technique for vasectomy. His extensive experience helps ensure the best vasectomy results.

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